Declan Devine

Director Materials Research Institute

Declan Devine (PhD Polymer Engineering, 2006) is the Director of the Materials Research Institute at Athlone Institute of Technology which incorporates both the Enterprise Ireland funded APT Technology Gateway and the Centre for Industrial Services and Design.

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Declan Devine
Director Materials Research Institute
Material Processing
+353 90 646 8291

Site lead for Confirm Centre for Smart Manufacturing
Development of polymer based smart manufacturing test beds and pilot lines
Manage a large group of researchers working in diverse fields of polymer and materials research.
Develop new research programmes from concept to preparing funding applications

• PhD in Biopolymer Engineering, Athlone Institute of Technology
• BEng in Polymer Engineering, Athlone Institute of Technology

• Orthopaedic Research Society
• American Association for the Advancement of Science
• Society of Plastic Engineers

• Design of preclinical studies, including animal permissions applications, study design, study planning, costing and report writing including statistical analysis of data.
• Hydrogels and drug delivery systems for medical applications.
• Experience in using a wide range of analysis techniques such as Ftir, DSC, HPLC, GPC, rheometry, contact angle, AFM, SEM, tensile testing, impact testing, bright field and fluorescent microscopy, computed tomography.
• Polymer Processing Techniques

• Patent: Oriented Polymeric Sheets Exhibiting Dichroism and Articles containing the same
• Patent: Bone Replacement Material
• Invention Disclosure: Development of novel mimicking scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
• Invention Disclosure: Development of new lightweight and cost effective polymer composites of high density Polyethylene

• Polymer Processing
• Thermoplastic composites
• Biodegradable implants
• Bone Tissue engineering
• Bone augmentation
• Biodegradable stents
• Bioactive material development
• Biomedical nanocomposites
• Controlled release of Active pharmaceutical ingredients
• Cytocompatibility testing of novel constructs

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