Confirm Centre Director & Principal Investigator

Having grown up in Glasnevin, Dublin, Professor Conor McCarthy has spent the best part of the last 20 years in the Mid-west region carrying out research into joining dissimilar materials for high-end industrial applications. Now residing in the lakeside town of Ballina, Co Tipperary, Professor McCarthy is the Centre Director for Confirm – Smart manufacturing, a new major national SFI research centre focused on Smart manufacturing technologies. As an Associate Professor of Aeronautical Engineering at the University of Limerick, Professor McCarthy also leads a research group, who are developing novel methods to join high performance composite materials to other lightweight materials, to result in structures with superior strength and stiffness properties, and with only a fraction of the weight compared to typical steel or aluminium structures. This work has attracted over €6million in competitively won research funding from Europe, Irish research funding agencies and both national and international Industries. His research has led to over 150 high impact publications and a patent pending on a new smart glue that can be “unzipped” using only high-frequency radio waves for applications in automotive assembly down to dental implants. Professor McCarthy is an SFI Principal Investigator and leads major research programmes in Engineering Science.

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Dr Conor McCarthy
Confirm Centre Director & Principal Investigator
+353 61 234334

N.Cert. and N.Dip. (I.T. Carlow), B.Eng (UL), Ph.D. (UL)

• Materials and surface science institute (MSSI)
• Irish Centre for Composites Research (ICOMP)

• Finite Element Analysis
• Multi-scale modelling
• Computational continuum damage mechanics and plasticity
• Composites modelling and testing
• Bolted connections
• Crashworthiness

Three-dimensional finite element analysis of single-bolt, single-lap composite bolted joints: part I—model development and validation MA McCarthy, CT McCarthy, VP Lawlor, WF Stanley Composite structures 71 (2), 140-158 Bolt-hole clearance effects and strength criteria in single-bolt, single-lap, composite bolted joints MA McCarthy, VP Lawlor, WF Stanley, CT McCarthy Composites science and technology 62 (10-11), 1415-1431 Progressive damage analysis of multi-bolt composite joints with variable bolt–hole clearances CT McCarthy, MA McCarthy, VP Lawlor Composites Part B: Engineering 36 (4), 290-305 Modelling of bird strike on an aircraft wing leading edge made from fibre metal laminates–Part 2: modelling of impact with SPH bird model MA McCarthy, JR Xiao, CT McCarthy, A Kamoulakos, J Ramos, ... Applied Composite Materials 11 (5), 317-340 Micromechanical modelling of the transverse damage behaviour in fibre reinforced composites TJ Vaughan, CT McCarthy Composites Science and Technology 71 (3), 388-396 Three-dimensional finite element analysis of single-bolt, single-lap composite bolted joints: Part II––effects of bolt-hole clearance CT McCarthy, MA McCarthy Composite Structures 71 (2), 159-175 A simple method for determining the effects of bolt–hole clearance on load distribution in single-column multi-bolt composite joints MA McCarthy, CT McCarthy, GS Padhi Composite Structures 73 (1), 78-87 A global bolted joint model for finite element analysis of load distributions in multi-bolt composite joints PJ Gray, CT McCarthy Composites Part B: Engineering 41 (4), 317-325 A combined experimental-numerical approach for generating statistically equivalent fibre distributions for high strength laminated composite materials TJ Vaughan, CT McCarthy Composites Science and Technology 70 (2), 291-297